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Recipe for a Greener World

The sheer magnitude of the carbon reduction potential in household energy savings has pleasantly surprised me.

Annual residential electricity consumption in the US is 1×1012 kWh. Assuming each kWh saved reduces carbon emissions by 440 g (based on natural gas-fired generation), a 5% or $50 cut in annual utility bills in every residential home in the US will reduce carbon emissions by 22 M tons annually from avoided electric generation.
22 M tons sounds massive. How big is it really?

  • 4 M vehicles off the road for a year (a mid-size car emits 500 g of carbon per mile or 6 tons per year, assuming an average of 12,000 annual miles)
  • 4 B trees worth of carbon reduced, which is nearly 1% of the largest tropical forest in the world – the Amazon Rainforest (each tree absorbs 6000 g of carbon per year)

Are we ready to do our bit and reduce our usage by $4 per month ($50 a year)? Bidgely’s appliance identification technology can help you uncover energy consumption insights and take the guesswork out of savings, without sacrificing your comfort.

Originally published 28th November 2012.

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Prateek Chakravarty

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