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  1. What does Bidgely service provide?
    Bidgely platform was primarily created to provide appliance level breakdown using software analysis so you do not need any plug level hardware sensors. The service has three components:
    • Real Time Energy Dashboard - A secure, scalable and reliable dashboard for users to see their energy consumption data almost live (1 hour delayed) for days, weeks or months.
    • Appliance level itemization of your power usage without use of any plug level hardware sensors.
    • Personalized recommendations on ways to save energy and money.

  2. How long does it take before I start seeing my data in the dashboard after registration?
    It usually takes an hour or less before you start seeing data after setting up your energy/power monitor connection.

  3. Can I see both generation and load data if I have solar panels?
    Yes. We support display of all types of data - Total Load, Generation or Net Metering.

  4. Which appliances will you show in the itemized bill?
    Once you connect an Energy Monitor we show itemization for your Refrigerator, Space heater, Air conditioner, Clothes dryer, Water heater and Pool Pump. In addition we also show the itemization for electricity consumption by devices that are "Always on" and a category for "Other".

  5. What power/enery monitors do you support?
    We support a variety of Energy Monitors including TED 5000, Wattvision, CurrentCost, Aizo/Digi, Youless and many others in progress. We also have an open API for developers who wish to send the their energy data to our server and display it in the dashboard. Please note that we currently only provide appliance level itemization for users in United States and New Zealand. Even if we do not provide appliance level itemization for some users, you will always be able to see the real time energy consumption and pricing in your dashboard.

  6. Can I see my data on mobile/smart phones/iPad?
    Bidgely can be accessed using your iPhone (download here) or Android phone (download here).

  7. When will I get appliance-level itemized data?
    We usually collect about 1-2 weeks of data using which we run our patented software analysis to bring your house appliance-level itemized results.

  8. Why do you ask me for Utility Name and Rate plan during sign up?
    Because we want to accurately predict your consumption and savings. We do provide a backup option to give us your average energy rate (cents/kWh) if you do not have the rate plan information.

  9. Why do you ask me for my Utility username and password during sign up?
    By using your Utility username and password we can access your energy usage information. This allows us to simplify your setup and give you a better historical comparison of your energy usage. We also use this information to immediately provide you basic insights about your energy consumption and savings potential. Note: In order to get the best out of Bidgely we recommend you complete your setup by connecting an Energy Monitor. This will enable us to give you appliance level itemization, real time energy tracking and a much more accurate view of your true savings potential.
  1. Do you support multiple sensors in the same account?
    Yes. We support multiple sensor data displayed in one user account in the dashboard. With an easy drop down, you can see the data from any of the sensors.

  2. I cannot see anything in my Dashboard when I login. What should I do?
    Please check to make sure that you have a good connection from your energy monitor to our servers. A connection icon on the top right of the web page is either Connected (blue) or Disconnected (red) and shows your sensor connection status. Even if your sensor is Disconnected, the Dashboard will show the data from last good connection. However, if your sensor never connected to our servers, you will see a blank dashboard with no chart.

  3. I checked my sensor connection. I still do not see anything in the Dashboard. What should I do now?
    Please also check what browser you are using to view the dashboard. We love the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. We also work fine with Internet Explorer 9. Older versions of Internet Explorer are known to have some issues with the latest HTML and CSS3 technologies.

  4. What do I do when the Dashboard is empty or all zero?
    It may be time to reboot your sensor/gateway. Remember to re-enter our server information in the gateway software to start sending the data back to our server after the reboot. You may also want to update to the latest firmware or software version on your sensor/gateway.

  5. If I am using TED 5000, can I change my connection from TED Energy posting to Energy Polling or vice versa?
    Yes. The new method will show up as a new sensor in the dashboard. Please use sensor pull down menu in the Dashboard to view data from any of the sensors.

  6. Can I change from one sensor type (example TED 5000) to another sensor type (example Wattvision) in the same account?
    Yes. You can change the energy monitor, but at this time, you will lose all your historical data by changing the monitor. We may support data transfer when changing energy monitors in future.

  7. Can I share my dashboard with my friends on the platform or outside the platform?
    Not yet - but soon. We are working on it.

  8. When will I get appliance-level itemized data?
    We usually collect about 1-2 weeks of data using which we run our patented software analysis to bring your house appliance-level itemized results.
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