The Heart of the Platform
Energy disaggregation is the science that itemizes consumers’ energy data into individual appliances. Using complex machine learning algorithms, we extract appliance usage and convert data into useful insights. Bidgely is the industry leader and has commercialized disaggregation technology for both smart meters and monthly-read meters.
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No Sensors
Bidgely performs its disaggregation through meter data alone. This eliminates the reliance on expensive hardware sensors or for the customer to install anything in their home. Support for both smart meters and analog meters means that your customers will have a consistent experience regardless of meter type.

Universal Disaggregation

Itemization of appliance usage for ALL homes
Using machine learning algorithms, Bidgely’s patented energy disaggregation technology detects and extracts appliance fingerprints from smart meter data. The data is converted into itemized energy bills and useful insights.
Leveraging a database of over 50B meter readings from smart meters, Bidgely’s machine learning models extend itemization to non Smart Meter homes using a “matched peer” or a “matched region” approach.

True Disaggregation

Some solutions claim to provide disaggregation. Don’t be fooled. Statistical modeling which provides “typical” usage reports for homes of similar location and size is no match for the real thing. True disaggregation updates dynamically according to usage patterns. If the consumer goes on vacation or upgrades an appliance, Bidgely itemization will reflect the change.
Industry-Leading Disaggregation
The highest accuracy for appliance detection and usage estimation
100% Itemization
Disaggregates 100% of the load in the home
Consumer proof
Validated by consumers through multiple deployments
Supports all meters
Supports both smart meter and monthly-meter types
Vacation detection
Dynamically updates itemization when consumers are away
Next best action
Powerful recommendation engine provides personalized tips