We empower consumers to lower their energy bill through greater insights into energy consumption and real-time feedback

Convenient and cost-effective means to generate real time appliance level itemized energy cost and usage without any plug level hardware.

With patented cloud-based disaggregation algorithms, Bidgely extracts energy signatures that are unique to appliances in any household, measures energy consumption by each appliance, and identifies the source of highest inefficiencies, whether it’s an appliance replacement or a behavior modification.

We do the analytics for you and take the guesswork out of energy savings, thus making conservation easy, fun and engaging.

Actionable and highly personalized energy savings tips enable informed decision making on where and how to save.

Bidgely’s recommendation engine - first of its kind in the industry - combines appliance level itemization with social and demographic profile of the user to present highly personalized energy saving recommendations. The personalization not only prioritizes the recommendations, but also quantifies the benefits of each recommendation to the user based on the energy consumption behavior and utility rates.

Bidgely makes energy savings convenient, actionable and cost-effective

Bidgely is a Consumer Engagement Platform that:

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Learns appliance and energy use behavior without any plug level sensors

Analyzes energy data in the cloud with no software to download

Engages with personalized energy savings tips on web and mobile apps

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Lower Bills Recommendations Save Save Save

Our intuitive web and mobile apps make energy savings a breeze!

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