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Eliminate the challenges of traditional online surveys via a disaggregation-enhanced approach

Improve Take-Up Rates

Utilizing the power of disaggregation, Bidgely is able to engage consumers well before they’re exposed to the survey. This enables the utility to position the survey as a way for the consumer to fine-tune their experience. Further, Bidgely has integrated the survey into the online energy insights dashboard, creating a frictionless transition for consumers who are engaging on the dashboard and want to take the survey.
Improve Take-Up Rates
Increase Completions
Bidgely streamlines the audit experience, enabling the consumer to complete the survey quickly and effortlessly
Increase Completions
Pre-Filled Survey
Disaggregation pre-fills answers, reducing the number of questions
Prioritized Questions
Receive maximum value from partially-filled surveys
Progress Bar
Consumers know where they stand, encouraging completion
A flexible survey engine allows for the utility to fulfill objectives
Dynamic Updates
Dynamic Updates
Traditional Approach
Survey answers become obsolete when the consumer makes a change to their energy usage
Bidgely Approach
Disaggregation identifies appliance usage before and after the survey, eliminating the need for consumer updates
Seamless Field Support
Seamless Field Support
Integrated Scheduling
Field audits are seamlessly integrated with the utility’s scheduling system
Insights Dashboard
The auditor can check for high usage appliances and neighborhood comparison prior to visiting the home
Offline Mode
Auditor has the same user interface and functionality regardless of whether the internet is available at the home being audited
Quick Navigation
Field audit user interface allows for quick navigation between appliance and question categories
The field auditor can create personalized recommendations based on their findings during the home audit
Closing the Loop
Print or email a summary audit report, including personalized recommendations, to the consumer