We Empower

Smart Energy Decisions

for utilities and their customers by harnessing the power of data and analytics to accelerate the clean energy future

Bidgely is an energy intelligence company that gives utilities unique
behind-the-meter insights and the solutions platform to:
Turn customers into happy, engaged energy partners.
Build a grid that’s responsive, resilient, and ready for DERs.
Ensure the EV Revolution is one that you can manage.
Run insight-informed & cost effective business operations.
Drive better, more reliable energy efficiency savings.
Turn customers into happy, engaged energy partners.
Build and manage a modern grid that’s responsive, resilient and ready for DERs.
Ensure the EV Revolution is one that you can manage.
Run smart, cost-effective business operations based on energy insights.
Drive better, more reliable energy savings to your energy efficiency portfolio.

Bringing Customers and Grid Together
To Serve the Future of Utility Needs

The energy landscape is transforming. Widespread EV adoption, distributed energy resources, and microgrids mean that consumers are now energy partners. Grid management of the future needs customers' Behind The Meter assets to participate in load shape management. The grid and customer are converging. Bidgely UtilityAI™ sits at the center.

35 top utilities have invested in our platform
and this is growing fast

Our Solutions Drive Better,
Outcomes For:
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What Makes Us Different?

We did it first - and we do it best. We are the pioneers of Behind The Meter load disaggregation technology, also known as Non Intrusive Load Monitoring. We analyze meter data (real time, AMI and non AMI) and identify appliance signatures using advanced AI/machine learning models and accurately identify what is happening behind the meter in hourly usage of various appliances.
Similar to Netflix and Google profiling their customers uniquely one at a time, we enable energy, gas and water utilities to accomplish the same level of personalized profiling. 30 data scientists and analysts working for 12 years spending over $50M and 17 patents later, you can rely on us to provide the best technology on the planet for meter analysis.
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Home Energy Use - Delivered at the Appliance Level

Electric Vehicle


Water Heater



Whole Home

What the Industry Says

Delivering Real Value

  • Real Energy Savings:
    1TWh+ Energy Saved
  • Greater Accuracy:
    Detect EVs with 90% Accuracy
  • Highest Customer Satisfaction:
    With +85% Like-ratings
  • Productive Partnerships:
    $2M+ Operational Savings
Per Year for a 1M Utility
  • Greater Cost Effectiveness:
    Higher Savings at a Lower Price
  • Significant Load Shift:
    On-peak EV Charging Reduced by 70%

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