Together, We’re #FutureReady

2020 wasn’t the year anyone expected, but in many ways it was a year that our customers have been preparing for all along. 

Utilities worldwide have invested in building a solid AI-powered foundation to enable a deeper understanding of their customers so that they can anticipate their needs and proactively solve their problems. These personalized insights positioned utilities to tackle 2020’s challenges with a full range of people-first and empathy-driven support and services that provided meaningful assistance to customers when they needed it most.

In addition, the trend toward digitalization that has progressed gradually over the past five years accelerated like never before — finally moving the energy industry forward to an exciting digital-first position. Digitalization emerged as the new normal not only in visible processes — like virtual audits and digital home energy reports — but also as part of the fabric of utility operations as a means to better pivot and scale to meet the demands of the future head-on. 

Our customers have adapted and persevered throughout the pandemic and their efforts have been truly inspiring. Bidgely is committed to making sure our utility partners are always future-ready, and we are honored to have played a role in 2020 in helping our customers’ deliver solutions that matter, including helping:

  • SoCalGas reach underserved low and medium consumption customers with 286,540 therms saved 
  • The world’s largest utility, TEPCO, to pioneer specialized annual energy reports to actively engage with customers and help them better manage energy usage and spending
  • VSE build a customer-centric marketplace conceived as a customer-engagement-driver when customers needed support most
  • Pacific Power reach an unprecedented 85 percent CSAT as assessed by third party evaluators, as customers adopted energy efficiency measures that saved 18,233 MWh in only a year. 
  • NiSource digitally transform customer experience and strengthen its family of brands while keeping energy efficiency programs moving forward and on-track to achieve savings goals
  • NV Energy leverage data for targeted programs, virtual assessments and elevated customer care in response to their customers’ most urgent needs 

We enter the new year grateful that a light has emerged at the end of the pandemic tunnel that seems to be growing brighter by the day. Still, 2021 promises new challenges and opportunities as the world defines its post-COVID normal and a vastly different US presidential administration takes the helm, promising ambitious programs and policies related to clean energy and infrastructure development. 

To keep our partners future-ready in these changing times, Bidgely’s solutions will continue to elevate the customer experience and deepen customer engagement to realize greater results from energy efficiency initiatives, including targeted DSM and smarter utility marketplaces. Our UtilityAI platform will also enable utilities to continue to accelerate their clean energy transformations and optimize infrastructure investments with powerful data-driven decision making capabilities. 

As the new year begins, Duke Energy is already leading the way, leveraging analytics to advance its EV and renewable energy programs and drive clean energy change across their territories, rather than waiting to react. Duke and other utility innovators are demonstrating the power of AI to leverage customer and business intelligence to create the customer-centric grids of the future. We’re quickly moving toward a new energy reality where DER opportunities are guided by data and customers are informed, motivated and empowered to make energy decisions that better serve both their own interests and those of the utility. The prospects for continued advancement in 2021 and beyond have never been more promising.

To our customers, thank you for letting us continue to be your trusted partner. We look forward to growing our relationship in the year ahead, rising to each new challenge and emerging stronger than ever together. Our commitment to you in the new year and every year that follows is to ensure you always remain #futureready.

Join the conversation on how UtilityAI is redefining the industry. Please feel free to get in touch with our team, and keep an eye out for Bidgely Engage.

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Abhay Gupta

I founded Bidgely to change the way we use energy, everyday. It's the little things we do, working with our utilities, that add up to massive savings, efficiency, and just maybe, a better world.

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