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How Utility CIOs Can Avoid Letting Valuable Energy Data Drown In The Data Lake

Originally published on Access the full article here. As the volume of consumer data increases across global enterprises, advanced analytics is becoming the core of all corporate activities that empower companies to make smarter business decisions. MicroStrategy’s 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report (via Forbes) reveals 94% of enterprises globally agree that data analytics is […]

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Bidgely Utility Artificial Intelligence

Utility AI leading the digital transformation from awareness to adoption of energy disaggregation

Bidgely’s been leading the Utility AI and disaggregation space for eight years now, and it’s exciting to see how other vendors and energy utilities are embracing the technology. We want to extend a huge welcome to all companies attempting energy disaggregation science. There is no doubt that load disaggregation has crossed the chasm of early […]

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