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Consumer Wish List: Itemization

Modern utilities are undergoing a transformation: no longer are they thinking of their customer base as “ratepayers”; they are instead viewing them as consumers, and focusing on providing them with value-add services above and beyond the delivery of electrons. In light of this transformation, Bidgely surveyed 1000 consumers from across the US, asking them about features they’d most like to see from their utility:

If your electric utility could offer you one of the following, which would you prefer?

  • Breakdown of your energy usage by appliance – 46%
  • Home audit to improve energy efficiency – 26%
  • Marketplace of energy efficiency products – 18%
  • Concierge for energy efficiency retrofits – 10%

Many utilities are enamored with marketplace solutions to generate additional revenue and drive engagement; however, consumers have their eyes elsewhere. As shown above, both appliance itemization and home audits are preferred by consumers – by a large margin – over a marketplace solution.

These results are music to our ears at Bidgely. Not only are we the industry leader in appliance itemization, but our recently-launched V3 Platform [link to press release] has a new home assessment and audit solution, which is currently being used by major utilities in the US.

Looking forward, as modern utilities continue to bring the consumer into focus, Bidgely is well-positioned to be their go-to choice for consumer engagement and delight.