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Flexible deployments: adapting to utilities’ needs

Integrating new engagement tools doesn’t have to be painful. Bidgely works closely with utilities to create a flexible platform deployment that complements your current solution.

Need a whole new turnkey solution? No problem. Need to put some frosting on your current assets? Piece of cake. Need something in between? We’ve got that too.

If you want a fully-delivered, turnkey solution, we’ve got you covered. We’ll host and serve the entire experience for your customers. Configured to your requirements and white-labeled with your branding, of course (we like being the “man behind the curtain”, so to speak!).

Or maybe you just need to give your current assets a dash of wow (how many times can one look at a frowny face?)  We’ll give you the data feed for you to embed itemization and insights into your existing web portal, email outreach, even paper bills!

If you want to embed the itemization and insights but want a little more guidance, we can provide the data via our API along with a design toolkit so your development team has what they need to do the work in-house.