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Hitting the Right Note with Customers

As the old music saying goes, “the right note at the wrong time, is still the wrong note.”  To really strike a chord with customers, utilities need to focus both on content and delivery. That’s why, in addition to enabling utilities to provide valuable, personalized insights to their customers, we’re helping them communicate at the right time.

Alerts, a new feature in Bidgely’s V3 platform, increases meaningful customer touchpoints and helps utilities build engagement via multiple channels (email, SMS, push notifications). Alert types include:

Bill Projection
No one likes an unexpectedly high bill. Consumers appreciate getting an alert to an expected high bill while they still have time to act

Budget Alerts
For folks who like a little control, they can set a budget threshold to be alerted when they hit it

High Usage Alerts
Appliance malfunctioning and running continuously? We’ll send a high usage alert!

Don’t just energy-shame your consumers with a frowny face. Help them by pinpointing which appliance to focus on.

Available for all consumers, based on their appliance-level energy usage patterns

Customizable Offers
Consumers can enroll in programs or purchase items via a marketplace

The alerts can be configured by utility by channel and timing to optimize customer engagement and savings. It’s never been easier for utilities to be in harmony with their customers!