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Leading, not Lagging: Winning Utilities Embrace Digital-First and AI-Driven Approaches to Power the Future 

Historically, most analyses of digitalization trends and the role of AI within the energy sector have taken the position that utilities are lagging far behind other industries when it comes to digital transformation, and failing to adequately embrace proven data-driven operational approaches.

We couldn’t disagree more, as we see an increasing number of utilities and energy retailers companies leading, not lagging. 

Our progressive energy provider partners are prioritizing data-driven solutions and applied artificial intelligence as a means to successfully create next-gen personalized customer energy experiences and accelerate digitalization and clean energy initiatives.

That’s why we are committed to shining a light on the revolutionary thinking that is going on within the sector and the ground-breaking work now underway in the hopes of providing a diverse range of successful innovation pathways for others to follow. By changing the conversation, we can better align perception to reality and focus on the exciting energy future we are collectively creating.

Most recently, in a four-part article series developed with the Wall Street Journal, Bidgely and industry experts shared some of the most advanced programs now underway.  

Green Innovation Starts with Data

Green Innovation Starts With Data, emphasizes the ways in which energy providers are leveraging their investments in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technologies. The article features Lon Huber, Vice President, Rate Design and Strategic Solutions, Duke Energy and Dave Johnson, Chief Customer Officer, Duquesne Light Company for their leading-edge use of customer smart meter data to harness new insights into the way electrification and clean energy technologies are impacting the grid, which aids in load forecasting, rate designs and progress toward achieving aggressive net-zero emissions targets.

Leading With Intelligence

The article Leading With Intelligence examines how evolving consumer demands have become a driving force in utility application of machine learning and AI techniques to their AMI data, fostering a customer-centric, data-driven culture within energy organizations. Bhavani Amirthalingam, SVP, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Ameren and Mark Fernandes, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Hydro Ottawa reveal how the smart grid is the center of value creation for customers, giving them more choice, convenience and control over their energy as competition for customers to generate their own energy is increasing. The article also discusses how utilities can develop new solutions based on hard data, greatly improving their ability to innovate for future initiatives.

Powering Innovation

With insights from Kelly James, GM & SVP Energy & Utilities, Salesforce and J.D. Power, the article Powering Innovation covers how utilities can adopt digital strategies that enhance web and mobile experiences to improve customer satisfaction and engagement during an era of evolving customer needs. Insights and real-world examples from executives of forward-looking energy providers, Larry Bekkedahl, VP Grid Architecture and System Ops, Portland General Electric and Lon Huber, Vice President, Rate Design and Strategic Solutions, Duke Energy, also demonstrate how applying advanced analytics to smart meter data allows for meaningful, personalized interactions with customers based on individual preferences and lifestyle. 

Going Green, One Data Point at a Time

Finally, the article Going Green, One Data Point at a Time highlights the collective action required by utilities and energy consumers to reduce carbon footprints and achieve nationwide decarbonization goals. Badar Khan, President, National Grid USA, Laney Brown, President, Iberdrola USA and Patty Durand, Former President of the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative point to data-driven solutions such as carbon footprint tracking, like Bidgely’s customer-centric analytics, to provide tangible and frictionless guidance for consumers to make smarter energy decisions. The article explores how utilities can pair measurable, real-time energy consumption data with personalized guidance as a way to educate consumers on their impact on the environment and motivate change.   

Remaining Focused on the Future

Every day, Bidgely is partnering with future-ready utilities and energy retailers to leverage data-driven customer intelligence to guide smarter energy decisions; harness business intelligence to yield maximum returns from efficiency, electrification and renewable energy programs; and put grid intelligence to work to build the smart infrastructure we need to move us closer to a resilient, carbon-neutral world by 2050.

We applaud these energy leaders for continuing to demonstrate the power of intelligence to create a better tomorrow, and will continue to ensure that their innovative approaches are held up as a model for what is possible and a replicable example of how to achieve it.

Read the Wall Street Journal series in its entirety at: Green Innovation Starts With Data, Leading With Intelligence, Powering Innovation and Going Green, One Data Point at a Time. To learn more about how Bidgely is bolstering green energy innovation in partnership with utilities, visit www.bidgely.com/clean-energy-future/

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