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Reaching 100% of Homes

No smart meter? No problem!

While we love smart meters, we recognize the challenges utilities face in rolling them out to customers. So, that got us thinking: How can utilities serve all their customers, regardless of meter type? Introducing: Universal Disaggregation.

By leveraging machine learning, years of experience, and data from the millions of homes ingested into the Bidgely Platform, we’re able to bring the benefits of appliance itemization to non-smart meter homes ahead of full smart meter roll outs.

Over 700 million smart meters are installed globally, and most utilities have a mix of smart meters and analog meters in their service territories. Bidgely’s Universal Disaggregation leverages machine learning, the years of experience we’ve gained working with energy consumption, and data from the millions of homes ingested into the Bidgely Platform to extend itemization to homes without smart meters. Leveraging a database of over 50B meter readings from smart meters, Bidgely’s machine learning models extend itemization to non Smart Meter homes using a “matched peer” or a “matched region” approach. Combining the learnings from HVAC fingerprints on each home with learning from the model, an itemized energy bill is created with the 8-10 top energy use categories, including Base Load, Heating, Cooling, Pool Pump, Laundry and Cleaning, Entertainment and Computers, Water Heating, Cooking, and Other. The result is that 100% of homes can benefit from usage itemization and personalized energy insights from their utility, enjoying a consistent experience regardless of meter type. Universal Disaggregation is launching first in the US, with additional countries soon to follow. Finally utilities can incorporate the power of appliance itemization for deeper engagement–even for homes without smart meters.