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Web Portal – Modernized for Today’s Consumer

Today’s typical consumer spends hours on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and the like, so they’ve come to expect all digital interactions to be personalized. What’s the modern utility to do? Well, Bidgely’s recently-updated web portal solution is the answer, helping to deliver an engaging digital energy experience personalized to each consumer. In fact, one utility recently found that 90% of consumers gave the ?  to their Bidgely-powered offering!

What makes the web portal so great?

  • Analytics | Bidgely’s Universal Disaggregation provides 100% appliance itemization for every home, making it easy for each consumer to see which appliances are costing the most each month. For consumers looking to fine-tune their experience, Bidgely’s home assessment tool is right at their fingertips, making it easy to get more out of the solution by simply lifting a finger.
  • Recommendations | Long gone are the days wondering if that generic energy-saving recommendation is relevant or not. Bidgely’s recommendations are based on the actual appliances you’re using the most, so they’re always relevant.
  • Usage | For the energy nerds (like most of us at Bidgely) who want to dig further into their usage, Bidgely provides detailed daily, monthly, and annual usage information to help “power users” better understand their specific usage and how it is impacted by their rate plan.

With the launch of Bidgely’s updated web portal solution, modern utilities can now provide consumers with access to a fully-personalized suite of digital engagement tools: web portal, mobile app, SMS, and email.