How do you use electricity at home?

With personalized usage reports - down to the appliance level - and tips about what uses the most electricity in your home, you can make changes and save up to 7% on your electric bill.*
  • Access detailed information about your electricity usage within 24 hours.
  • See specific breakdowns of how you are using electricity (cooling your home, running appliances, and more)
*Estimate based on findings from Pacific Gas and Electric Company's 2014 pilot of Bidgely HomeBeat Web and Mobile in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Save energy. Save money.

Download the HomeBeat app:

I love knowing if I am saving money. I actually caught some common habits that I didn't think much of before that cost me money.”

I saved about 50% on my electric bill during the second month simply because I became aware what the big electricity users are in my house.”

It's been an amazing tool and has helped us understand our energy.”

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