Bidgely's EV Pilot Programs - EV Detection, EV TOU, EV Managed Charging

Sign up for a pilot by May 15 and implement by September 2023 to receive HUGE $$ savings with the best value outcomes for YOUR EV Program - it can be all 3 or one of them - pick your EV recipe and Bidgely will masterchef it! It’s that easy.

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EV Detection Pilot
Gain insights about EVs on your grid and what impact they are having.

  • 90%+ EV detection accuracy through meter data disaggregation
  • Build a profile for each EV owner, including charging hardware and behaviors
  • Identify EV owners with highest load-shift value to boost program ROI

EV TOU Engagement Pilot
Align value on both sides of the meter. Pair EV owners with TOU rates to save them money and support your grid.

  • Target the best candidates for EV TOU rates
  • Recruit through hyper-personalized insights and messages
  • Coach customers to maximize TOU value

EV Managed Charging Pilot
Access intelligence about where EVs are on your grid and what impact they are having.

  • Engage all EV owners through passive, behavioral managed charging
  • Recruit, onboard, coach EV owners for telematics-based active managed charging
  • Turn-key, end-to-end managed charging, including incentives management.