Who We Are

Bidgely (which means "electricity" in Hindi) is a highly energetic and innovative startup working on something that has never been done before. We have developed ground-breaking analytics that can itemize home energy usage data to the appliance level without using any plug-level monitors. Now, we are setting out to deliver this technology to millions of households across the world and help save energy on a massive scale.

How We Got Here

Bidgely was founded in 2011 by Abhay Gupta and Vivek Garud, who were united by a passion to change the way we think about our home energy consumption and a vision for a low-cost technology that could achieve global impact. From its origins of two guys in a garage in Mountain View, CA with a big idea, Bidgely quickly grew into a team of brilliant data scientists, engineers, salespeople and marketers housed at the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA with a real product used by thousands of consumers.

Where We’re Going

And we’re just getting started. There are 5.6 billion people with access to electricity across the world today, and this will only continue to grow. We want to be a tool for every household everywhere to understand their energy usage and make informed decisions that are good for their pocketbooks and good for the planet. We won’t stop until we get there.