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EnergyHub & Bidgely have partnered to provide the most robust and only AI-driven Insight and DER management platform together. The linked platforms bring utilities the best customer engagement, energy efficiency, and load-shaping solution.

Attract More Participation via Customer-Centric Offers

Give customers a compelling reason to to engage with their utility and enroll in programs. By applying time-of-use disaggregation and advanced analytics, with the industry’s most extensive selection of connected devices, you can create personalized, high-value offers for your customers. Drive meaningful engagement and shape how customers interact with the grid, all while driving new value streams in the process.
Attract More Participation via Customer-Centric Offers
Expand the Addressable Energy for Load Shaping
Reach more loads, in more homes, with more device types and brands.
Largest Connected Device Ecosystem
Expand your reach with EnergyHub’s rich ecosystem of controllable devices, giving customers a smart home experience.
Higher Participation of Users
Drive scale to your DSM programs with Bidgely’s insightful time-of-use appliance and industry’s highest email engagement for customer alerts.
Add Non-Controllable Devices
Augment traditional DR with Bidgely’s proven Behavioral Demand Response solution, to impact non-controllable loads in the same customer interactions.

Scale BYOD and Marketplace Programs Efficiently

Scale and Optimize your BYOD and Marketplace Programs

When offering incentives for “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) rebates through your online marketplace, how can you ensure it will drive impact to your program?

Bidgely, through UtilityAI, allows you to target BYOD and marketplace promotions to homes that use specific appliances at peak load hours, making offers relevant to customers and maximising your program spend through meaningful rebates.

Scale BYOD and Marketplace Programs Efficiently

Webinar: Achieve unprecedented scale for your DR programs

March 7, 2019 | 10AM PST, 1PM EST
Join us for a webinar highlighting how AI-driven DR will revolutionize your grid strategy.