Promises to Programs:

How Georgia Power Is Empowering SMBs

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Join us for an engaging discussion with Georgia Power about their transformative journey turning community partnership promises into actionable programs that deliver value. Discover how Georgia Power and Bidgely leveraged "Adaptive Program Management" and innovative engagement strategies to empower Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs).

Discover how these initiatives cater specifically to the unique needs of SMBs: providing cost savings for small businesses that face internal and external pressures and enhancing sustainability efforts for mid-sized companies. Explore the data-driven evolution from a quick-launch "bare bones" approach to personalized Business Energy Reports that support SMBs while upholding core corporate values of innovation and affordability. Gain insights into the collaborative efforts shaping the future roadmap of energy efficiency initiatives, with a focus on meeting evolving customer expectations and regulatory pressures while paving the way for a sustainable energy future.


- Hannah Courtney, Director of Customer Success, Bidgely

- Jane Lumbab Lai, Commercial Program Manager, Georgia Power Company

- Jennifer Duvall, Energy Efficiency Program Manager, Georgia Power Company