What Works and What's Next:

Innovation in Residential Behavioral Energy Efficiency and Customer Experience with SoCalGas

June 24, 2024
12PM PT | 3PM ET

Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, July 24th, as we explore the collaborative efforts of Bidgely and SoCalGas to enhance customer experience while contributing to SoCalGas's core mission. The session will delve into how our initiatives, including targeting high and medium consumption residential customers and prioritizing digitalization, have significantly benefited a greater number and cross-section of customers.

Hannah Courtney, Director of Customer Success at Bidgely, and Dr. Liza Legaspi, Behavioral and Financing Programs Supervisor at SoCalGas, will lead the discussion. They will highlight the strategic approaches that have led to positive customer experiences and SoCalGas's role as an innovative energy provider of the future.

This webinar will provide insights into the tangible benefits realized by customers in a comprehensive session that not only discusses the successes but also the scalable model that other regions and utilities can adopt to replicate similar benefits. Ms. Courtney and Dr. Legaspi will also discuss forward thinking questions like, what does the future look like for natural gas residential behavioral programs? How must we adapt our programs and methods for future natural gas customers?

Join us to understand more about leveraging technology and strategic partnerships to achieve dual goals of customer satisfaction and behavioral energy efficiency.