Jobs at Bidgely!

Director – Revenue Operations



  • Define the end-to-end revenue process for repeatable and predictable growth from top-of-funnel (MQL) to lead flow, through the funnel (SAL, SQL) and opportunity sales cycle (stages) to Closed Won 
  • Develop data-driven reporting on marketing sourced/influenced pipeline and AE/BDR-generated pipeline to and how it relates to closed business
  • Create real-time dashboards (snapshots) and weekly/monthly/quarterly standardized reporting cadence to understand the trends in pipeline growth, pipeline movement for new opportunities, whitespace selling in existing accounts and new opportunities
  • Understand the product-driven pipeline based on RFP and non-RFP sourced opportunities and the break down by AEs (Reps), accounts and regions
  • Create strategies to drive all teams to work cohesively to maximize revenue. Working closely with the C-Suite (CEO, CMO, CRO) to optimize existing revenue models and create new revenue stream
  • Analyze LTV, CAC, Net Dollar Retention (NDR) i.e. Upsell, X-sell (Expansion) metrics to measure the overall efficiency for all outbound sales (direct and channel driven)
  • Hold accountability to Rule of 40 criteria in terms of revenue growth traction and ROI realized from sales and marketing engagements 
  • Assist with compensation plans and variable pay calculations for the entire sales organization
  • Drive solutions for operations management, tools and processes, and data analytics to optimize the company’s ability to generate more revenue and tap into expanded TAMs
  • Improve, evolve and grow how reporting and analytics is leveraged and lead the development of reporting roadmaps to achieve current and future reporting needs



  • Bachelor in Science, Arts or equivalent degree; MBA or other advanced finance degree is preferred.
  • Salesforce administration Certification in last 10 years
  • 5-8 years of hands-on experience with sales ops and/or marketing ops as part of revenue operations in SaaS companies, driving large scale enterprise sales, ELA’s and strategic initiatives
  • Demonstrated success leading and managing funnel operations throughout the customer life cycle, ensuring alignment across finance, sales, professional services, customer success and marketing
  • A proven hands-on leader with the ability to work through highly matrixed and complex organizations and to communicate strategy clearly to multiple teams and areas of expertise
  • Tools and processes management.  Experience with Salesforce CRM, Marketo, CPQ, SalesLoft, LucidCharts, FCI and Demandbase amongst others 
  • Understanding of the common metrics to be delivered with the executive, sales and BoD:
    • Forecast vs. quota
    • Attainment vs. quota
    • Pipeline coverage compared to total target accounts/ departments
    • Variance (change week over week)
    • Average deal cycle
    • Time in stage
    • Conversion rates/ win rates
    • Forecast accuracy
    • Engagement and activity rates 
    • Deal pushes/ slippage
    • Next quarter pipeline (for potential pull-in’s)


To apply for this position, please email your resume to [email protected].