As a Utility, you have challenging goals of reducing both the energy load and peak demand from the grid. Traditional energy efficiency programs do not have the steam to deliver enough reduction in energy to meet these aggressive targets.bidgely can help. bidgely brings the new age deep analytics on Smart Meter data that breaks the consumer energy load profile into itemized appliance level energy consumption, all without any plug level hardware sensors in the house. Further, a patent pending recommendation engine by bidgely takes all the guess work out for consumers and makes personalized energy saving tips, estimates the return on investment and help consumers make informed and smart decisions.

How much can a consumer save?

Past studies have shown an energy reduction of 4%-12% when enhanced billing information is provided to consumers. bidgely takes it a step further by not only presenting itemized appliance level energy breakdown, but also making personalized energy saving tips, estimating the return on investment and helping consumers make informed and smart decisions. Active individual participating consumers get savings as high as 20% with an average savings across a large consumer base to be > 5%.

Energy Savings by Feedback Type
Accomplish New Heights of Energy Efficiency Targets

Residential Energy Efficiency is not limited by what consumers can accomplish, its limited by how much information consumers have available. The breakthrough software based NIALM technology by bidgely presents detailed appliance level itemized consumption for residences.
Further, bidgely breaks down the energy inefficiency into three types:
a. Appliance
b. Behavior
c. Dwelling/Insulation
The personalized energy saving tips and return on investment analysis leaves no guess work for consumers helping them accomplish big savings without being an energy detective in their own house.

Get More out of Smart Meters

You invested millions of dollars in Smart Meters and AMI infrastructure. How do you plan to use them to bring actual savings to your customers? bidgely can help. bidgely can leverage your Smart Meter investment and help your customers accomplish high energy savings in the most scalable and cost effective fashion. Be on the same side as your customers by empowering them with informed decision making.

Virtual Energy Audits

Whether it is for energy efficiency or for a large bill dispute resolution, you are spending thousands of dollars paying for or subsidizing in-person home energy audits. bidgely can not only help reduce the cost for home energy audits to a fraction of that of in-person audit, but also deliver substantially better results. Virtual remote energy audits by bidgely identify inefficient consumer behaviors that most in-person audits cannot capture. Further, bidgely virtual audits represent continuous commissioning that captures energy use 24x7 and delivers energy efficiency not only for the present, but also for the inefficiencies that will occur at a future time.

Higher ROI for Demand Response

Reduce the capital investment into your residential demand response by pre-qualifying which appliance in which home is the right target for demand response. Target the highest demand appliances from specific homes incurring same or less Demand Response capital investment for higher peak demand reduction.

Evaluation and Measurement Tool

Use bidgely as a measurement tool to evaluate the effectiveness of various third-party EE and DR programs. Measure energy consumption for relevant appliance categories for a sample set of homes before and after the program deployment and make objective evaluation of program success.

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