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Cloud Based Energy Management with Appliance Tracing™

PG&E has validated that the Bidgely-Rainforest solution satisfies requirements to receive and display electrical usage data from PG&E Smart Meter.

Rainforest Eagle
Rainforest EAGLE RFA-Z109
Firmware Version 1.4
Bidgely Laptop Mobile

Bidgely Cloud-Based Energy Management

How to Get Started?

  1. Check eligibility. Learn more.
  2. Buy your EAGLE.
  3. Connect your EAGLE gateway device to your internet broadband router and power it up.
  4. Sign up with Bidgely and start saving energy and money.

Rethink Energy Management. Itemize your Bill, Unleash the Savings.

Our innovative energy management solution offers more than in-home displays, standard dashboards and energy reports.

Itemized Energy Consumption

Itemized Energy Consumption

Empowers consumers to lower their energy bills through greater insights into consumption and real-time feedback.
Personalized Energy Savings Plan

Personalized Energy Savings Plan

Enables informed decision making with a first of its kind recommendations engine that takes the guesswork out of savings.