Bidgely UtilityAI: Lead Generation for Energy Retailers

The sale of non-kWh products and services is a natural extension of the energy retail business. Fortunately, with the rising consumer expectation for a personalized retail experience, coupled with energy retailers' access to a goldmine of consumer data, utilities are well positioned to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) boost revenue via lead generation activities.

In our Lead Generation Primer, we explore a simple framework for energy retailers to generate 70% more leads for non-kWh products and services.

1. Target: Detect and target customers with a high propensity to buy a value-added product or service base on their appliance usage and lifestyle clusters

2. Convert: Entice customer action with the right message at the right time

3. Engage: Create long term engagement through ongoing communication and personalized recommendations

4. Expand: Upsell through a product ecosystem, and continue to build opportunities through a data-driven strategy