CS Week Virtual Touch: Using AI to Create the Next Best Interaction NBI for Utility Customers Residential and SMB

View Bidgely's Session at CS Week Virtual Touch:

With the advancements in machine learning algorithms and applied artificial intelligence (AI), companies in the digital realm are now equipped to extract detailed data about their customers’ behavior and use it to enhance user interactions. 73% of customers prefer brands that take personal preferences into account, and the reward for companies can be significant -- a lift in sales by at least 10% and five to eight times greater ROI on marketing spend. This webinar applies to dual-fuel, gas, and electric utilities, serving both residential and SMB, leveraging AMI or analog meter data. In this on-demand webinar you’ll learn about how utilities can create next best interactions for customers using data from load disaggregation, lifestyle clustering and more. With the right tools, you can capture granular data from homes and apply AI to create accurate and actionable energy profiles for each unit. With that intelligence you can help customers determine what the next best interaction is for each customer at each point in time.

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