Customer Intelligence in Informing EV and Propensity Modeling

Electrification has major benefits for both utilities and customers equating to 65 billion in cumulative net benefits by 2050 in a state like North Carolina. But how do you go from 800 EVs to North Carolina's goal of achieving 80,000 EVs on the road by 2025? In this UtilityAI In-Depth video, original recorded at the 2020 Bidgely Engage Virtual conference, we hear from Lang Reynolds, Director of Electric Transportation for Duke Energy about Duke Energy's electrification strategy and implementation considerations, as well as the impact of COVID 19 on those efforts. Duke has strategically tackled the barriers to EV adoption through marketing & education, fast charging infrastructure, utility managed charging and financial incentives to support EV costs. Lang walks us through Duke's EV Programs such as "Park & Plug" program that provides Multifamily, Workplace, Public and Fast Charging options and how Bidgely's load disaggregation helps Duke target customers for their load management program enrollment.

  • EV Infrastructure
  • Next Generation of Electrification
  • Low-Income Representation
  • COVID-19 Impacts on EV Charging
  • Passenger EV Scaling & Heavy Duty Fleet Scaling
  • Utility Managed Load Charging
  • Propensity, Forecasting and Planning
  • EV Disaggregation