Enterprise Analytics Whitepaper

Using enterprise analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) that transforms consumer data into personalized insights that are unique to each customer, utility CIOs can create an integrated ecosystem that effectively disseminates actionable intelligence throughout the entire organization and eliminates silos created by inefficient spot solutions. An effective data strategy brings organizational transformation, unlocking value ranging from program optimization to market leadership.

This whitepaper offers a guide for utilities looking to adopt enhanced analytics, including:

  • Realizing the value of customer intelligence
  • Applying analytics to electric, gas, and dual-fuel utilities
  • Serving residential and commercial customers
  • Applying AI to common use cases:
    • DSM programs
    • TOU and DR optimization
    • Electrification and decarbonization
    • Call center efficiency (reduced operational costs)
  • Partnering with Bidgely and Itron to accelerate results and create new opportunities
  • Delivering results quickly and flexibly
  • Sharing proof points and results from customers

Read the white paper to learn more.