Uniquely, the Itron + Bidgely Partnership allows UtilityAITM to start delivering value on smart meter data from the get-go by plugging into the true source of the data within the physical meter. Smarter meter devices enable decisions to be made on a more local level. This means any department that uses meter data for demand side management (DSM), billing, account management, or grid planning and more, has enterprise analytics built in. This amplifies and democratizes the application of AI & Smart Meters so that utilities achieve value on an exponential scale rather than having to reinvest for each department’s use case.

UtilityAITM enables the energy industry to become customer centric by enabling utilities to hyperpersonalize all customer interactions. With deep customer intelligence within a 100+ point consumer energy profile, utilities can truly customize each customer’s energy experience -- empowering interactions that are accurate, easily actionable and delivered at the most impactful time via preferred channels.