What Utilities Know (And Don’t Know) About EV Drivers and How Better Customer Insights Can Maximize Utility Investments in Electric Vehicles

Utilities across the world are serious about accelerating the advancement of EVs, seeing it as a way to simultaneously meet customer demand and drive down carbon emissions while earning additional revenue. However, the current state and future trajectory of EVs is a more nuanced picture than big-picture commitments and investments indicate. Bidgely and Utility Dive surveyed 149 mostly North American utility professionals to get a pulse on their EV investment plans, what drives those investments and the challenges they are facing.

In this report you can read the results of this study and recommendations on how to tackle the coming electrification with EV analytics data on hand. Utilities are sitting on a wealth of data to better understand customers' electric vehicle adoption propensity and their actual energy behavior post adoption. With AI-powered data, utilities can better guide customers through the phases of energy education, awareness, engagement and control of EV assets like EV battery and automated charging.