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EV Active Managed Charging

Identify. Optimize. Shift. Manage. Bidgely is helping utilities turn the EV revolution into an opportunity to build a flexible, resilient grid of the future.

The EV revolution is here, giving utilities a big opportunity to expand revenue by investing in new offerings. However, the opportunity does not come without challenges such as increased load, peak demand, and grid disruption. In order to realize the benefits while mitigating risks, utilities must understand what is happening behind the meter with EVs, embracing analytics to make data-driven decisions.


Bidgely offers the most holistic, scalable, and universal electrification solution in the industry, covering both the utility and consumer journey, collectively moving the industry towards a clean energy future where large EV and solar loads with varying rates and incentives are assets, not disruptions.

The heart of the solution is Bidgely’s AI-enabled data science algorithms that detect EVs on the grid with 90%+ accuracy and illuminate charging patterns, using AMI data with no hardware required. This visibility enables utilities to make data-driven EV management decisions, increase EV program ROI by targeting their highest load-shift-potential customers, and then engage EV owners with accurate and actionable insights.


Increase EV awareness and adoption, improve customer satisfaction, and become a key advisor for your customers’ EV journey. Bidgely can help you identify customers likely to make the switch to an EV. And once they purchase an EV, Bidgely provides positive reinforcement and education on how to best leverage utility programs such as time of use rates or rebates.

  • Embed hyper-personalized recommendations, promotions, and EV insights within existing customer journey touch points.
  • EV education on most common questions to remove mental barriers to more EV adoption.
  • Keep customers informed about how their charging behavior compares to their peers in terms of cost and carbon footprint.
  • EV Electric Rate Plan Comparisons drive people to adoption.
  • Coach customers through Time of Use (TOU) awareness to deliver value on both sides of the meter.
  • Increase TOU rate and managed charging program enrollment and participation.

EV Targeting

No two customers are the same, so Bidgely’s precision EV targeting gives utilities visibility into each customer’s charging behavior through appliance-level meter data disaggregation to create a “segment of one.” This customer-level insight enables targeting of the highest value candidates for dynamic “peak to off-peak” EV programs.

  • Detect EVs on the grid with over 90% accuracy, using AI-enabled behind-the-meter EV disaggregation. No hardware, historical DMV data, or customer self-reporting required.
  • Find customers whose charging behaviors make them ideal for program recruitment. 
  • Exchange broadcast marketing-based outreach for granular targeting that yields more kWh shift for the same incentive paid out!
  • Drive down program costs and increase ROI up to 300% through focused engagement.

EV TOU Enrollment
and Coaching

Align value on both sides of the meter with TOU rates. Align customers to the right TOU rates and help them maximize their savings. Bidgely’s EV solution helps utilities target the best candidates for EV TOU rates and then engage them with relevant, value-focused prompts and promotions. Once those customers are enrolled and aligned to the appropriate rate, we then enable personalized coaching based on their specific energy use profiles.

  • Identify the best-fit candidates for TOU rates targeting and promotion.
  • Help them choose the right EV rate for them, with Rate Plan Comparisons.
  • Coach customers to maximize the value derived from their TOU rates with regular touch points that demonstrate ways to improve rate performance.
  • Demonstrate how their charging behavior compares to their peers.
  • Connect value directly to behavior by keeping cost and carbon footprint in view.

EV Analytics and
Grid Planning

Other solutions in the industry use an opt-in method that requires either a hardware device, a car/charger API, or that users upload their data. These solutions are costly and lack scalability. Bidgely’s patented and accurate EV load disaggregation allows you to learn the following about all the users in your service area in an opt-out fashion, without any incentive per user, and at the aggregate or individual level:

  • The current adoption patterns and EV load growth in a service territory across: single family vs. multi-tenant residences, day vs. night, weekday vs. weekend.
  • The frequency of charging sessions and the distribution over time.
  • The maximum power draw of the charger at each customer site.
  • The grid impacts of EV charging loads at various levels of aggregation: city, substation, feeder.
  • The proportion of off-peak and on-peak load that can be influenced through EV TOU rates.
  • Forecasting how load increases based on adoption and charging hours.
  • Learn more about Bidgely Electric Vehicle Analytics:
    The Future Is Now

EV Active
Managed Charging

Bidgely’s Active Managed Charging is an end-to-end solution designed to recruit, enroll, connect, and incentivize EV owners for participation and then actively control their vehicle charging through telematics—streamlining the delivery of value on both sides of the meter.

  • Turn-key solution that can be launched rapidly with minimal organizational or IT disruption.
  • Over 25 OEMs are available for data connection with 7 available for active control.
  • Active control for EVSE chargers.
  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) ready.
  • Fully-integrated, mobile-first web application for easy integration and streamlined user experiences. No app required, but can be integrated into existing apps.
  • Intuitive utility dashboards designed for program managers deliver all the data they need, including: load shift realization, incentives management, program performance.
  • Program ROI of up to 300% through precision EV targeting.

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New Active Managed Charging features give utilities and EV owners a frictionless way to turn EVs into flexible energy resources—delivering value on both sides of the meter.