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Generate New Revenue
Use AI to increase monetization opportunities and power business model evolution
Data Monetization
Diversify your traditional kWh business model to include new products and services. Talk to Bidgely to learn about our turnkey solution that unleashes the power of insights driven by AI, and understand the value of your data as a source of monetization.

Monetization Opportunities

Bidgely Insight
AC or heating degradation
Maintenance or new AC revenue
Inefficient refrigerator
Sell new Refrigerator
Detect EV
Sell Fast Charger
Vacation home
Security System
Vacation patterns
Vacation Package
Abnormal low activity
Elderly Monitoring Service
Inefficient lighting
LED bulbs


Bidgely’s insights provide dynamic geographic heat maps of EV ownership and EV charger levels, to help utilities understand how EVs can affect local/regional consumption during peak periods. Understand EV charging load curves for weekend vs. weekday, peak season vs off-peak, and EV charger type. Gain further insights into charging habits to support grid and rate planning.

Monetizing Solar

Bidgely eliminates the need for sub-metering and provides accurate hourly estimated solar production for every home.
Monetizing Solar