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Increase DSM Savings
Leverage the power of AI to optimize savings and reduce budgets for DSM programs

Home Energy Reports

Are you still using outdated paper-only Home Energy Reports to meet your behavioral energy efficiency goals?
Home Energy Reports
Welcome to the next generation solution - iHERs. Where energy efficiency goals are table stakes with our guaranteed performance solution, but you get a unprecedented increase in customer satisfaction and operational cost savings as a byproduct of our iHERs. Our AI-driven itemized, interactive and inclusive HER solution can give you the best $/kWh and broadest paper and digital engagement combination in the industry.

Home Energy Assessment/Audit

Dozens of questions? Static models? They’re a thing of the past.
Home Energy Assessment/Audit
We start where others end.
Customers see personalized energy insights immediately - with zero questions answered. Homes audit completed increase 10x.
Increased Promotion of other programs
Increase participation via targeting by appliance usage and TOU. Contact us for a demo and case study on how we enhanced program uptake by 25% at one deployments.
Integrated field audit tool
Field auditors get insights that empower them to be knowledgeable and trusted energy advisors in the home and online.
Low Income
Current DSM programs are heavily focused on hardware and home improvements and therefore favor higher socio-economic groups and homeowners. Utilities must address low income segments to comply with regulatory pressure. Bidgely solutions are beneficial to ALL segments of the population. Bidgely’s low-cost iHERs and targeting based on high usage and inefficient appliances enable utilities to target low- and medium-income homes with the highest ROI programs.
Non-behavioral DSM
Non-behavior DSM programs spend hundreds of millions of dollars on rebates without knowing
which homes are the deserving homes based on usage of specific appliances. They can benefit
greatly from AI-powered insights that target ideal homes. Only Bidgely's Insights Engine with
patented AI algorithms leverage any meter data (AMI or analog) to extract granular insights,
making your customer data truly valuable for decision-making.
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