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Increase Grid Stability
Home level appliance usage data can be aggregated at the grid level to make better decisions for load and rate planning and analysis
Bidgely Insights

Bidgely Insights

The Bidgely Insights Engine analyzes meter and third party data such as demographics and weather to understand customer usage by appliance and lifestyle.
Want to know which homes bought EVs and when they are charging? Want to know which homes have single speed pool pumps running during peak hours? Want to know homes that use their cooling on weekday afternoon hours?
Welcome to AI-driven insights as you’ve never seen before.

Load Profile

Are you still relying on survey-based load profiling? Bidgely insights provide continuous load profile analysis for your entire service area - by zip code, substation, city, or state level - at a fraction of the cost.
Load Profile
Sample Use Cases
Improve visibility on electrification
Detect EV ownership and charging behaviors to assist in the development of electrification offers and rate analysis.
Avoid relying on static load profiles
Generate appliance load curves that are up to date and system-wide rather than dated and generic, to support more accurate and dynamic load forecasting.
Develop mutually-beneficial rate plans
Leverage disaggregated consumption and production data to support the creation of rates that work for customers and reinforce a stable grid - avoiding or augmenting sub-metering and field studies.
Eliminate the guesswork with DSM planning
Quantify program potential by assessing millions of homes to optimize both program planning and design.