Engagement & Loyalty:
Develop Utility Brand and Stickiness as customers turn to you to buy more than just energy

Energy Efficiency:
Turn Energy Advice from a Trusted Energy Advisor into Action

Electrification/ Decarbonization:
Increase Awareness and Adoption of EV, Solar, and Smart Home Devices

Self Funded with Revenue Generation Built-In:
Operate a Marketplace Funded by Energy Products and Service Provider

Smart ShopTM Customer Experience

Considering introducing a Marketplace? Think bigger. Traditional e-commerce marketplaces offer a limited selection of rebated-able products and leave the burden of marketing and fulfillment on the shoulders of utilities. Despite best efforts, this approach has resulted in very low conversion volume when compared to ecommerce platforms from other industries. Bidgely's Smart Shop is a reimagined approach.

Our patented UtilityAI technology gives customers a personalized experience with tailored offerings, pre-calculated returns on investments and appliance-specific efficiency advice. By leveraging established third party channels, Bidgely offers a wider set of products and services for customers to enjoy and the freedom to buy through whatever channel they prefer. Bidgely works with manufacturers and contractors directly to give customers exclusive discounts and help facilitate energy product adoption with installation and repair services. Bidgely's innovative business model for Smart Shop is a sustainable win-win-win for utilities, customers, and manufacturers alike.

Customer Journey to Smart ShopTM

Caption: First, UtilityAI evaluates all potential interactions with each customer, energy efficiency, education, programs and products and then presents the customer with the most relevant insight and action via his or her preferred channels (web, call center, alerts). Finally, customers land on the product page where they can see their final price -- including all rebates and pay back -- before moving on to purchase via third party sites.

Personalized Smart ShopTM

Feature product and service offerings specific to each customer's usage patterns with explainable AI. Bidgely’s exclusive discounts on popular brands and products advance adoption of energy products even further.

  • Appliance-level disaggregation allows Bidgely to match each customer’s largest opportunities to save with offers that provide solutions.
  • Personalized program recommendations drive awareness and adoption of utility offerings.
  • Detailed price breakdowns with utility rebates, manufacturer discounts and feature comparisons ensure customers make the most informed choice.
  • Frictionless service portal makes it easy for customers to hire a contractor or get home repairs for any project.
  • A utility storefront can be created from scratch or as an upgrade to your existing marketplace infrastructure.

Built-In AI Generated Marketing

Reduce traditional marketplace marketing costs by using targeted communications that educate customers in connection with more than 20+ product categories.

  • Use proactive email promotions to motivate customers to invest in product offerings.
  • Build their confidence in making the right selection — steering them towards a purchasing action.
  • Leverage next best interaction insights to realize actionable outcomes.

Channel Agonistic Rebate Center

Bidgely partners with multiple manufacturers and fulfillment channels to provide the best discounts from utilities and vendors.

  • Maximize probability of conversion by giving customers the freedom to purchase from e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy or a local retailer.
  • Search and redeem online or offline from any channel or contractor.
  • Enable digital receipt upload to provide near-real-time rebate fulfillment for any channel or contractor.

Electrification & Decarbonization

Advance strategic goals by increasing engagement with EV and solar tools, calculators, controls and more.

  • Solar Experience: Allow Customers to evaluate solar solutions and hire a contractor of their choice via a simple interface.
  • EV Experience: Compare and estimate EV costs with rebates, and schedule test drives.


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