Proactively Lead
Customers to
Marketplace Product
& Service Categories

Educate & Build
Confidence with
Customers with Targeted & Personalized Product Offerings

One-stop Shop
Online Experience
with Choice of Third
Party Vendors

Effective Selling
via an Integrated
Experience Approach

Customer Experience

At Bidgely we lead the customers interaction, making it hyper-targeted and friction free by personalizing the experience of purchasing energy related products & services. This integrated customer solutions can span across multiple business cases - CDM, CSAT, Ecommerce. With AI-driven personalization, customers see their featured offerings based on their unique appliance level energy savings potential. Customers then choose from a one-site stop shop to purchase through various third-party vendors and third-party contracting services.

Unlike other marketplaces, Bidgely positions product and service purchases as ONE type of action that can flow from an energy insight on the customer (other types of actions include behavioral tips, education, and enrollment in utility offered programs). This integrated approach to positioning products and services as opposed to treating the marketplace as a stand-alone e-commerce approach creates a more effective selling process.

Lead customers to product and service categories that are right for them, with an explanation of why

  • Target customers with appliance level disaggregation to service categories relevant to them
  • Personalized program recommendations drives awareness and adoption of utility offerings
  • Proactive email promotions motivate customers to invest in product offerings

Educate customers on the targeted product category, and build their confidence in making the right selection - in effect, steering them towards a purchasing action

  • Return on Investment: Calculators and interactive tools help customers understand the value and effort before taking action
  • Solar Experience: Simple interface allows customers to evaluate solar solutions and hire a contractor of their choice with established partnerships with PickMySolar

Provide customers with purchasing choices in a One-Stop Online Marketplace

  • Maximized probability of conversion by leveraging established e-commerce platforms such as Amazon
  • Utility curated products and services
  • Frictionless service portal to hire a contractor for any project via established partnerships such as HomeAdvisor
  • Simplified Rebate Processing


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