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Reduce Cost to Serve
50% reduction in high bill calls and increased customer satisfaction


Preempt calls by anticipating cases that prompt customers to need support. Simple, timely, and actionable alerts provide an elegant way to proactively engage customers, reducing inbound calls.
High Bill Analysis
Personalized, proactive explanation for customers who receive a higher-than-typical bill
Extreme Weather Alerts
Prepares customers for a potential shift in their energy consumption
Seasonal Shifts
Notify customers of a pending season change and provide tips towards saving energy


Google Home and Amazon Echo support with personalized insights for each customer, answer questions on paying bills, outages, appliance Itemization, bill projection, utility programs, and more.

Bill Analyzer

Call center CSRs struggle to resolve bill-related calls leading to costly escalations and truck rolls. Bidgely Bill Analyzer, an AI-powered CSR tool, empowers agents with appliance-level usage insights for each customer.
Bill Analyzer
Decreases call duration
CSRs resolve calls quicker with new information showing underlying appliance-level usage
Decreases escalations and truckrolls
AI-powered bill-analyzer empowers all CSRs with recommendations on most-likely causes of high-bills
Improves customer satisfaction
Facilitates detailed and actionable response to customers from CSRs