Create a better customer
experience by removing
the need for upfront
customer input

Drive proactive outbound
engagement around
energy efficiency
and home
assessment tools

Maximize DSM program
participation and energy
efficiency savings

Energy Education

Prior to any customer input, Bidgely generates individual customer energy profiles by applying our patented AI technology to readily-available data from the utility. Using the power of load disaggregation, our technology provides a completed "audit" well before customers answer any questions.

Capture Information
on Customer' Homes

Bidgely's solution provides an easily accessible and user-friendly online audit that is utility-branded and seamlessly integrated into the overall customer experience. The audit questionnaire only serves to supplement the detailed energy profile that has already been created for every customer prior to any customer input.

  • Home profile data
  • Appliance profile data such as age of appliances and specific appliance types
  • Occupancy profile data

Customized Report of Energy
Savings Recommedations

Leveraging Bidgely's AI-generated customer profile and the user's completed audit, Bidgely is able to generate personalized reports containing tailored recommendations for each customer. Bidgely is one of the only tools on the market that positions the online audit as a continuous engagement tool and not a one-time information gathering exercise.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
and Conversion
to Marketplace
& Utility Programs

Bidgely's web and email solutions immediately incorporate all new customer inputs as soon as customers exit the survey. Utilities can then use this information to drive higher engagement with:

  • Marketplace promotions
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Demand response programs
  • Electrification and more