White Papers

Learning from Netflix

Read about how Bidgely is using Artificial Intelligence, just like Netflix, to help utilities engage their customers.


Introduction to Universal Disaggregation

Universal disaggregation applies the latest in machine learning advancements to extend the benefits of disaggregation to address non-smart meter homes.


Consumer Engagement: A Playbook for European Utilities

Energy retailers in Europe recognize the importance of effective engagement for attracting and retaining consumers. This paper outlines facts of modern consumer engagement for European retailers.


Consumer Engagement: A Playbook for North American Utilities

The utilities industry is beginning to stratify into those who recognize the importance of effective consumer engagement and are proactive in staying ahead of consumer needs, and those who have a “business-as-usual” mindset. This paper outlines concrete steps that utilities can take to enhance their consumer-engagement plans.


True Disaggregation: What it is and Why it Matters

Many utilities are deciding to offer disaggregation to their customers. When choosing a disaggregation vendor, it’s important for utilities to understand the difference between true disaggregation and statistical disaggregation. This white paper explains the difference and why the wrong choice can affect utility credibility.


Five Considerations for Evaluating Consumer Mobile Solutions

This white paper gives guidance to utilities who are planning a consumer-facing mobile solution. Key considerations are discussed as well as key requirements that should be addressed and vetted with every vendor, so as to ensure the utility can capture the highest near-term and long-term value from their mobile solution.


100% Itemization

Bidgely has developed an approach that combines its industry-leading disaggregation algorithms with a localized rule-based model, the combination of which provides a full-bill breakdown of energy consumption. This paper describes this 100% itemization and the benefits to consumers globally.


Increased Energy Savings and Consumer Engagement

This paper highlights results from two case studies conducted in real life – one in California and other international. The study in California, using an experimental design, shows a statistical proof of average 14% energy reduction in users exposed to Bidgely’s energy disaggregation-based solution. The international study shows high levels of consumer engagement, favorable consumer reaction and an 80% approval from users on making this solution available to all.


Is Disaggregation the Holy Grail of Energy Efficiency?

The Case of Electricity
Carrie Armel, K., et al, Energy Policy, 2012.