Analytics for a Higher Renewable Energy Future

How has Duke overcome challenges in their peak demand management? How do they make sure they have reliability during peak times when weather can be so uncertain? Join Lon Huber, as he illustrates how Duke Energy embraces analytics to iterate on programs and solutions in this on-demand session from Bidgely Engage 2020. Lon advocates looking at our load net peaks, rather than gross peaks and the impact of supply side renewables as they come online. With Duke's clean energy goals a new way of looking at analytics is needed in order to unlock customer segments, understand what is driving peaks, assessing the impact of customer tech adoption and optimizing engagement strategies.

  • Using AMI Usage Data to Target Winter Peak Loads
  • Income Differences/Similarities
  • Household Age & Property Type
  • Residential Usage Disaggregation
  • Appliance Type Detection
  • Archetypal Load Shapes
  • TOU Rate Design