Bidgely Engage+ Episode 7: Ft. AESP, NV Energy, and SRP

A User-Centric and Ecosystem-Based Approach to Seamless EV Integration: Insights from the EVDX Conference

This episode of Bidgely Engage+ features key insights from the inaugural EVDX Conference, where industry experts discuss the future of electric vehicles (EVs) and their integration into the energy ecosystem.

Hear from EVDX co-founders Jen Szaro and Bill LeBlanc on building a forum for cross functional collaboration, and the key insights that emerged. Further, NV Energy's Adam Grant and SRP's Eamonn Urey share how they are tackling EV charging, infrastructure, and customer engagement to meet the needs of a changing grid and EV landscape.

Sit back and 'enjoy the ride', as we dive into the lessons learned and future strategies driving the electrification of transportation.