Bidgely Engage+ Episode 1: Ft. Seattle City Light and EPRI

Advancing Electrification: Seattle City Light's Data-Driven and Community-Focused Approach to Transportation Electrification and Beyond

Welcome to Bidgely Engage+, a fresh take on our virtual event, offering monthly episodes that profile the global energy industry’s most inspirational leaders and future-ready innovations.

Our first episode, which aired on May 18 at 10am PT, dives into how Seattle City Light is advancing their electrification goals through thoughtful, data-driven initiatives, including a baseline assessment in partnership with EPRI.

Featured Speakers:

  • Emeka Anyanwu, Energy Innovation and Resources Officer, Seattle City Light
  • David Logsdon, Director of Electrification and Strategic Technology, Seattle City Light
  • Uzma Siddiqi, Senior Manager of Grid Modernization, Seattle City Light
  • Angela Song, Transportation Electrification Portfolio Manager, Seattle City Light
  • Jamie Dunckley, Program Manager, EPRI

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