Heat Pump Adoption and Beneficial Electrification Playbook

Twenty-seven percent of global CO2 emissions – much of which stems from heating and cooling – originates from energy use by residential and commercial buildings.

Under the right conditions, modern heat pumps can transfer approximately 300% more energy than they consume by moving heat energy from ambient outside air into the home—compare that to gas furnaces, which deliver only 95% of the energy they consume as heat through burning fuel.

Heat pumps should be part of the electrification and decarbonization strategies of utilities today.

Bidgely has developed this Heat Pump Adoption and Beneficial Electrification Playbook to help energy leaders achieve beneficial electrification goals through:

  • Strategy 1: Accelerate electric appliance adoption using a data-driven approach to customer engagement
  • Strategy 2: Better inform grid planning with electrification data insights
  • Strategy 3: Partner with customers in managing growing electrification load