Six Ways Utilities Can Lead the Way Toward Decarbonization

The energy transition is happening. Hundreds of US and Canadian cities, states and provinces have already adopted 100% renewable energy goals, including Vancouver’s Renewable City Strategy, California’s 100% Clean Energy Act, the New York Climate and Communities Protection Act, and Washington, DC’s Clean Energy DC Act. Utilities are uniquely positioned to take a leadership role in realizing these ambitious goals and making zero carbon the new standard.

To do this successfully, utilities must move faster to transform their business models as energy customers become increasingly more self-reliant and the ways in which energy is produced and consumed change rapidly. It begins by redefining the utility relationship with customers, putting them at the center of strategic planning, and helping them achieve their cleaner and greener energy goals.

Check out the infographic which illustrates 6 ways utilities can lead the way toward decarbonization.