Next-Gen HERs: Data-Driven, Personalized, Equitable and Future Proof

Bidgely has developed the next generation of Home Energy Reports, designed to address the shortcomings of legacy HER solutions. Bidgely’s UtilityAITM platform empowers the energy industry to operate at the cutting edge of customer engagement by enabling the hyper-personalization of all customer interactions and a new generation of HERs that are more effective and less costly. As the industry leader in UtilityAI and load disaggregation technology, we have built the world’s most actionable and accurate set of customer intelligence to inform our solutions. Utilities worldwide have turned to Bidgely to facilitate their HER evolution, upgrading to HER programs that deliver personalized energy experiences to every customer, improving energy efficiency gains, customer satisfaction, program adoption and marketplace traction. Bidgely Home Energy Report Solution is part of Bidgely UtilityAI™ Platform - the energy industry’s only AI-powered platform for hyper-personalization.

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