Seize the Data: Optimizing Grid & Customer Programs in 2024

On-Demand Webinar

With smart meter data and artificial intelligence, utilities gain profound insights into individual appliance usage, understanding when and how customers interact with their energy. As the grid's stability increasingly relies on customer involvement amidst the challenges of DERs, electrification, and digitalization, leveraging data becomes paramount.

This webinar unveils the power of analytics, guiding you through identifying the universe of achievable use cases, such as load shift, TOU adoption, and EV program optimization, as well as how to adopt them into near and longer-term strategies--backed by utility proof points. The time to start harnessing your data is now, so seize the day and seize the data!


- Shriram Ramanathan, Chief of Staff & AI Evangelist, Bidgely

- Andrew Barrington, Products & Services Manager, Avista Utilities