The Energy Marketer’s Playbook for Decarbonizing the Grid

Though Demand-Side Management (DSM) initiatives have evolved slowly over the last few decades, decarbonization has created a new urgency for energy providers to be more strategic about the ways programs are implemented, promoted and evaluated.

Data science-driven design empowers energy marketers to supercharge demand-side programs, making them more impactful, responsive and cost-effective.

Bidgley’s Energy Marketer’s Playbook for Decarbonizing the Grid can help energy marketing leaders amplify demand-side carbon reduction through data-driven program design, including:

Strategy 1: Get to know every customer on a one-to-one basis
Strategy 2: Target, tailor and expand program design
Strategy 3: Evolve demand-side programs from reducing load to managing flexible load
Strategy 4: Shift program assessment to real-time