Bidgely was recognized as a leader in the latest Q1 2021 Home Energy Management Providers Leaderboard published by Guidehouse Insights. Download the full report here. Explore the next generation of Home Energy Management at

Guidehouse Insights HEM Leaderboard: Bidgely Recognized as  Leading Home Energy Management Provider

Guidehouse Insights has published its Q1 2021 Home Energy Management Providers Leaderboard, ranking Bidgely at the top in its evaluation of 15 HEM solutions providers across 12 essential metrics. 

Bidgely is called out as one of only three HEM providers considered by Guidehouse to be in the “Leaders” category — demonstrating market leadership in connection with both strategy and execution. “In addition to offering valuable information to homeowners,” Guidehouse says, “these companies are actively enabling utilities to change the way they interact with customers and support the strategic initiatives to transition to more renewable energy.” 

The remaining solution providers included in the report are grouped in the contenders, challengers or followers categories. Overall, the report ranks AMI-based HEM solutions more favorably than monitor-equipment-based providers. 

Bidgely Called More Imaginative

The report highlights recent Bidgely innovations, including the launch of Analytics Workbench as an AI-powered analytics solution that delivers business intelligence to utilities and energy retailers. “Analytics Workbench enables multiple stakeholders within a utility to directly address challenges around four key areas: DSM, EVs, solar PV, and load research.” 

Analysts also say what distinguishes Bidgely from its larger competitors is that the company “is more imaginative with its business strategy and marketing.” The result of this extra effort, they say, “will ensure that the HEM marketplace will be interesting for all participants and the beneficiaries will be the utilities as well as their customers.” They add that though Bidgely has a more select customer base than the other companies in its category, it is “on equal footing with the other Leaders in terms of technical capabilities.” 

Three Important Takeaways

1) AMI-Based HEM Solutions Deliver Platform Capabilities that Enable Utility-Wide Improvements

Guidehouse says that Bidgely has differentiated itself from the competition through aggressive development of capabilities to serve top-tier utility customers with technology that “does an exceptional job of disaggregating power loads for individual residences and offers this information in formats that serve utility customers… and offers a platform of capabilities that enable a utility to improve planning, lower costs, communicate relevant information to narrow customer segments and add value-added services.” 

Bidgely’s UtilityAI™ platform makes it easy to efficiently and effectively transform data into insights that deliver value for the full spectrum of utility programs with fewer resources, including:

  • Customer Analytics & Intelligence Personalized customer experiences that yield improved CSAT, program targeting, and customer care and call center outcomes
  • Behavioral Energy Efficiency Hyper-targeted Behavioral Energy Efficiency programs delivering improved Home Energy Reports and Demand Side Management results
  • Marketplace Intelligence One-to-one digital marketing capabilities that yield greater success with lead generation, rebates and offers; value-added services; and expanded commerce 
  • Enterprise Analytics & Business Intelligence AMI and NSM insights that improve electrification; renewable energy; decarbonization; and planning, targeting and recruitment outcomes

2) HEM as a Core Competency Provides an Advantage

For many of the companies included in the report, HEM capabilities are a secondary business unit among diverse energy industry offerings — from energy equipment to broad-based IT solutions. 

By contrast, Bidgely offers a singular focused platform with infinite applications. Our patented AI-powered HEM technology is our primary targeted specialty, and the foundation that unifies all of our data-driven solutions. Bidgely’s UtilityAI was designed from the ground up to better inform and unify historically disconnected programs and improve overall business outcomes — a native “built-in” rather than “bolt-on” acquired functionality approach

3) AMI-Based HEM Enables Detailed Customer Targeting that Drives Utility Innovation and Operational Efficiency

The report emphasizes the value of Bidgely’s AMI-based HEM solutions to enable utilities to perform “detailed customer segmentation at levels that were inconceivable not long ago.” 

Bidgely’s patented machine learning technology creates the world’s most accurate customer energy profiles across 100+ attributes and delivers actionable insights for every customer in a service territory. These insights are continuously improved and personalized as customers go about their daily lives and engage with the utility over time. This AI-powered foundation allows every step of a customer’s energy use journey to be hyper-personalized and optimized for success. Utilities can for the first time understand customers at a deeper level, anticipate their needs, proactively solve their problems and engage with them in a one-to-one ongoing dialogue with each individual customer about his or her energy use.

Guidehouse says “such segmentation enables highly targeted marketing programs to communicate mutually beneficial offerings and programs” including:

  • Education on simple ways customers under financial stress can reduce costs
  • Recommendations that environmentally-conscious customers can follow to reduce carbon footprints, helping to advance progress toward clean energy targets
  • Maintenance issue identification that flags appliances and equipment prior to failure
  • Discounted or free hardware and services available via a utility marketplace to reduce demand and shift demand to off-peak usage times 
  • Load shifting suggestions, such as encouraging EV owners to charge vehicles overnight rather than during peak evenings

This data-driven personalized outreach improves customer engagement and demand side management outcomes as a means to help grid operators optimize costs, increase overall service reliability, and encourage desirable usage patterns that use less energy and help the environment. 

Analysts say that this is only the beginning as ”AMI-based HEM providers are continuously adding new capabilities to support utility clients to pursue their respective visions.”

What vision can Bidgely help you achieve?

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