Customer Satisfaction
We empower customers with our energy insights, rooted in deep understanding of what customers want from their utility.

Energy Efficiency
With programs that reach up to 100% digitally, we provide a behavioral EE solution that is cost-effective, scalable and dynamic.

Decarbonization & Electrification
Artificial intelligence allows utilities to hyper-target customers with tailored messaging, increasing enrollment in rebate programs, demand response and adoption of clean energy technology.

New Revenue Generation
Promote products and services more intelligently to increase purchases and installations of energy efficient appliances and services.

Hyper-Personalized Interactions

Bidgely enables energy providers to develop an appliance-level relationship with their customers. By identifying the customer’s energy end-uses, we identify personalized opportunities for energy efficiency, demand response, retrofits, smart home devices, EVs, solar and more. We’ve helped utilities all across the world leverage AI-generated intelligence through web, email, and paper customer engagement solutions.

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Energy Efficiency

Bidgely is a market leader in behavioral energy efficiency. Our digital-first approach maximizes cost-effectiveness and equitable customer access. Every customer touch point is built from our industry-leading AI foundation, enabling utilities to modernize customer experiences and provide unparalleled insight into their energy usage.

Clean Energy Future

As the trusted energy advisor, utilities can help accelerate the transition to clean energy through EV and solar promotions and education based on customers’ existing usage patterns. UtilityAI identifies customers that can make the switch to electric appliances and connects them with relevant program rebates and services. Bidgely provides useful, relevant insights into deriving maximum benefit from EV and solar ownership so customers can best take advantage of their new technologies.

No Customer Left Behind

Hyper-personalization enables us to calibrate all potential energy recommendations, product offerings, and program promotions to the specific individual’s demographic, energy behaviors and interactions. As a result, Bidgely-enabled customer engagement tools have successfully been used to reach middle consumption customers, and low and medium income customers with 80%+ customer satisfaction ratings.

Smarter Bills & Rate Education

Bidgely transforms volumetric energy charges into an itemized analysis of energy usage in the home. We provide all customers with easy-to-understand tools that enable them to select the right rate plans and to learn how to save. Customers using UtilityAI are more likely to renew and stay with you when they move.

Demand Response &
Peak Load Shifting

Bidgely helps educate customers and promote enrollment in Time-of-Use (TOU) rates. We take the guesswork out of optimizing appliance usage by identifying opportunities to shift specific appliance loads to different times of day. Bidgely’s Analytics Workbench allows utility program and planning teams to analyze the entire service area and identify customers with the hourly usage characteristics best suited to target with enrollment offers.

New Revenue Generation

Bidgely extends the power of AI-enabled personalization to promote products and services. We connect exclusive offers from manufacturer partners with utility rebates to provide customers with timely purchase suggestions based on the energy usage and appliance health in their home. This creates a win-win opportunity for customers to purchase and upgrade home appliances or services that will help them save money over time.

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