More than 500 utilities and other energy services businesses around the world rely on Salesforce to drive their contact centers, sales and engagement departments, middle office functions and field work. Now, with Bidgely’s UtilityAI energy analytics plug-ins, utilities are able to unlock an even greater level of digital-first personalized service from their Salesforce investment.

This powerful integration of UtilityAI and Salesforce Service Cloud empowers utilities to improve customer satisfaction, reduce average call handling time and corresponding escalations, increase first contact resolution and open up cross selling opportunities with personalized, AI-driven omnichannel self-service and contact center tools.

Through the UtilityAI app exchange package, Bidgely energy analytics are embedded within the Service Cloud dashboard to enrich each customer account analysis, providing call center representatives with UtilityAI’s hyper-personalized energy insights and recommendations at their fingertips as they answer in-bound queries from customers and positioning CSRs as trusted advisors.

Address High-Bill
Calls Confidently

Quickly identify whether weather variations, user behavior, appliance failure or other cause is responsible for a high bill without rolling a truck.

Proactively Prevent High Bill Shock through Energy Efficiency

Educate and provide appropriate suggestions as to how customers can curtail energy usage.

Offer Personalized Energy Recommendations

Present highly relevant and impactful energy efficiency tips, product suggestions, and rate analysis based on individual customer usage and trends.

Position CSRs as
Energy Advisors

UtilityAI widgets provide CSRs with the insights they need at their fingertips to enable them to provide more efficient, personalized and insightful call resolution.

UtilityAITM Salesforce Widgets

utilityai sfdc personalization

Bill Analyzer &
Energy Insights

Breaks down a customer's bill based on the appliances on premise and provides appliance-level consumption history and similar home comparisons.

  • Bill Analyzer - quickly tells the agent why the bill might have changed i.e. due to the weather, the variation in consumption of specific appliance categories or the number of days in the billing cycle.
  • Bill Projection - Predicts expected end-of-month billing based on the latest usage patterns and a till-date cost.
  • Load Disaggregation - Pinpoints where customers are using the most energy.
  • Activity Map - Breaks down usage to determine if use at certain days or times is contributing to high billing.
AI Powered Recommendations UtilityAI

Next Best Action:
Recommendations & Product Rebates

UtilityAI’s recommendation engine sorts through hundreds of saving tips and products to generate AI-powered personalized saving recommendations based on a customer’s latest usage patterns, the season, rates and more. Recommendations may include rebates, special discounts, demand response or special assistance programs and behavioral tips to better manage energy costs.

utilityai sfdc personalization

Rate Analysis

To eliminate the guesswork for both the CSR and the customer, UtilityAI’s rate comparison engine evaluates available rate plans in the context of a customer’s historic energy usage to identify their best rate. Rate recommendations are automatically updated with any new information provided during the course of a call, such as home profile details.

AI Powered Recommendations UtilityAI

Remote Audit

With fields pre-populated by UtilityAI, the home profile widget empowers agents to quickly confirm and supplement any missing home audit details to enable an even more personalized energy insights and recommendations experience in the future.

utilityai sfdc personalization

Alert Enrollment
& Preferences

UtilityAI's engagement widget provides CSR with a 360-view of the customers interactions by tracking communications sent by Bidgely, Salesforce or other messaging tools. Customer communication preferences for specific alerts, email, SMS can also be configured. Proactively enrolling customers into bill projection alerts has shown to significantly reduce high bill calls.


"We put it together and it gets really, really powerful. We need the type of insights that you’re providing coupled with the processes and insights we’re providing to enable energy businesses to better serve their customers. Bidgely’s data plugged into the right moments and supplemented with the data we can collect, for instance, through Marketing Cloud and through the service processes that we’re supporting is really how we get to that level of advisory services that utilities are seeking. It’s really about bringing the utility customer the value that they’re looking for."