Digitalize Customer
Experience with
Web & Alerts

Improve Cost Effectivness
of DSM / Energy Efficiency

Reduce Cost to Serve with
Smarter Rebate Programs
that Expand Gas Use Cases

Enhance Conversion Rates
for Products & Services
with Targeted Insights and
Personalized Promotions

Grid Management
with Gas Load

Bidgely Technology

Based on 17 patents in energy disaggregation - Bidgely's Utility AI extends and enriches your customer view using AMI or non-smart meter data, and disaggregates it to derive appliance-level details for each customer's energy usage. New insights are created such as the relative efficiency of a customer's appliances, the customer's lifestyle, and propensity used to improve adoption and engagement with programs & services.

Customer Experience

Bidgely's Web portal and Virtual Audits solutions allow gas utilities to engage customers in a personalized, disaggregated, digital channel which drives improvements in satisfaction, audit completions, and self service outcomes.


Delivering Home Energy Reports and Digital Alerts packages that lead customers to take specific actions. Enabled by Bidgely's next best interaction framework and derived from disaggregated end use analysis; This solution helps gas utilities capture energy savings and reduce operational costs through proactive and tailored messaging to customers.

Rebates &

Gas utilities are striving to increase their share of the home appliance market as electric alternatives present an emerging substitute for customers. Bidgely's Marketplace solutions will ensure education and understanding of efficient gas options as well as improve processing and completion outcomes to improve overall viability of programs.


Knowing which customers are using what appliances at what times is a core tenant of Bidgely's disaggregation technology. Leveraging enterprise analytics, gas utilities can use this information to inform program product targeting, rate design, load and scenario planning, etc.

New Revenues

Through an evolved and personalized customer journey; gas utilities can drive non-energy revenues through a vertically integrated products and services model or improve program recruitment and enrollment.


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