Electric vehicles present a unique opportunity for utilities to expand their revenue base and invest into a whole new infrastructure of charging networks. However, it brings additional challenges, such as increased load, peak demand, and grid disruption. Electric vehicle charging load is not going to grow uniformly and will vary drastically between geographies and locals, making it difficult for transformers and substation upgrades to be planned carefully.

Bidgely offers the most holistic electrification solution in the industry, covering both the utility and consumer journey, collectiving moving the industry towards a clean energy future where large EV and solar loads with varying rates and incentives are assets, not disruptions. Unlike hardware-based or opt-in solutions that take charging control out of customer hands, Bidgely utilizes patented algorithms to understand customer energy behavior at scale with no hardware required, all while empowering customers to accomplish their goals.

EV Adoption
Identify and motivate your customers with tools and personalized information to buy EVs instead of gasoline cars next.

EV Analytics & Grid Planning
Model and plan for the integration of EVs and renewables with AI-informed customer analytics. Define who is charging, when charging is taking place and how much energy is consumed while charging.

EV Load Management
Engage and influence prospective and existing EV owners with EV TOU rates or incentives to motivate their behavior into charging during desired hours for maximum grid reliability.


Improve EV adoption in your service territory with tailored alerts & messaging that pre-calculate customer’s ROI and carbon emission savings by switching to EV. Bidgely identifies candidates that are on the tip of making the switch with Bidgely’s EV purchase propensity algorithm and ensures they have the resources to make their decision easy, such as:

  • EV calculators comparing the maintenance and ROI of different EV models
  • Charging Station Map
  • EV Electric Rate Plan Comparisons
  • Level 2 & 3 Charger Comparisons
  • Incentives like Rebates, Tax Credits, Charging Station Financing Programs and more
  • EV Car Dealer Locations & Special Events

EV Analytics and
Grid Planning

Current solutions in the industry use an opt-in method that either needs a hardware device or car/charger API or asks users to upload their data. These solutions are costly and lack scalability. Bidgely’s patented and accurate EV load disaggregation will allow you to learn the following from all the users in your service area - in an opt-out fashion - without any incentive per user - aggregate or individual level:

  • The current adoption patterns and EV load growth in a service territory across single family homes vs multi-family homes, home vs public, day vs night, weekday vs weekend.
  • The frequency of charging sessions and the distribution over time.
  • The maximum power draw of the charger at each customer site.
  • The grid impacts of EV charging loads at various levels of aggregation (city, substation, feeder).
  • The proportion of off-peak versus on-peak load that can be influenced through EV TOU rates.
  • Forecasting of how load increases based on adoption and charging hours.
  • Learn more at Electric Vehicle Analytics:
    The Future Is Now

Load Management

Once customers are EV owners, use UtilityAI to craft an engaging customer journey that maximizes grid benefits by:

  • Identifying all customers who bought and are charging EV at home to invite them to enroll in TOU rates or off peak charging programs.
  • Identifying customers who are still charging during on-peak hours and offer them incentives to shift to off peak. Many programs unnecessarily incentivize customers to shift load to off peak, when only a subset actually require monetary motivation to shift their charging behaviors.
  • Running behavior based incentive programs for peak chargers with a combination of financial and social benchmarking using software-only measures and highly accurate next day peak charging nudges.
  • Offering outside-the-home off-peak charging nudges and APIs that follow charging behavior for controlled charging.