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Electric Vehicles (EVs) are here to stay. As per the International Energy Agency's (IEA) Global EV Outlook 2018, the total number of electric cars on the road surpassed 3 million worldwide, an expansion of over 50% from 2016. It may seem surprising, but most early EV adoption happened outside of the view of the utilities that supply the power to charge them.

This presents both opportunities and challenges for electric utilities around the globe. The climate and air quality goals, and the mandates for reducing CO2 emissions, necessitate that millions of new EVs will hit the roads over the coming years and as per the outlook from IEA, anywhere between 125 - 220 million EV's will be hitting the road by 2030.

The question becomes, how will utilities integrate this massive and dynamic increase in daily loads, while maintaining grid stability and ensuring a positive customer experience?

Bidgely EV Solution for Utilities - Electric Vehicle Detection 

EV Detection

By deploying Bidgely's AI-enabled Insights Engine, the unique load signature of vehicle charging can quickly be detected.

Utilities or energy retailers need to know which homes have an EV in the driveway to deliver:

  • Targeted incentive offers
  • EV-specific rate plans
  • Enrollment in smart-charging programs

EV Load Research and Planning

Today EV charging is happening on low voltage distribution networks that were not built with EV loads in mind. Most utilities are already challenged by a misalignment between daily system load shape and available capacity. If handled incorrectly, EVs can exacerbate this challenge.

Bidgely's value extends well beyond EV detection to deliver:

  • Simple and scalable load research solutions in the hands of analysts and grid planners
  • Working closely with the grid planners for understanding and addressing local capacity issues
  • Designing the next generation of customer rate plans

EV Customer Engagement

Bidgely helps utilities identify who has EVs, balance demand during periods of high supply, while helping customers navigate complex price signals and drive active engagement and optimal customer experience.

Bidgely brings an omni-channel engagement platform that leverages our AI-powered analytics to drive customer engagement:

  • To understand and enroll in new EV rate plans
  • Educate EV owners on the impact of their changing behavior on Time-of-Use (TOU) rates
  • Deliver vehicle and charging infrastructure incentive offers to households most likely to be in the market for a new EV

EV Controls

In the future, automation will be critical. As two-way communications with home charging ports become ubiquitous, utilities will look to enroll an increasing number of EV owners into managed smart charging programs that utilize vehicles as a dispatchable load resource.

Bidgely's AI-enabled engagement solutions can enable utilities to:

  • Target and enroll customers in these managed smart charging offers
  • Manage the EV charging directly or through one of Bidgely's controls partners