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Bidgely manages load flexibility for 100% of EVs on the grid. We execute both behavioral and direct load control programs that are optimized to balance supply and demand, manage grid capacity, and prioritize clean energy charging. Our advantage lies in our patented AI models that locate every EV and reveal its hour-by-hour usage footprint to target and create 3X more cost-effective programs for EV load management. This is all managed through a single seamless customer experience platform that guarantees the highest customer savings.

Electric Vehicles: An Opportunity and A Threat

The road ahead for EVs on the grid presents utilities with new challenges and opportunities.EVs are a once-in-a-generation opportunity for new demand and services, with the average utility able to create an estimated $3 to $10 billion in value by 2030.
However, the mass adoption of EVs has profound implications for the grid, as they reshape the dynamics of supply and demand. To thrive in this evolving landscape, utilities must embrace their EV customers as a valuable grid resource, and adapt to a new customer-utility relationship where the utility takes on the role of the modern "gas" station.
The Industry's most effective and scalable end-to-end EV solution.
Bidgely’s precision EV targeting enables utilities to understand charging behaviors at the customer level, so you can target the highest value candidates for “peak to off-peak” dynamic EV programs, deliver the right messages and incentives, provide EV rate coaching, and automate and optimize charging.

Our difference lies in our AI.

Our difference lies in our AI - specifically advanced data science algorithms that detect EVs on the grid with 90%+ precision and expose every customer’s charging pattern, using AMI data.
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With Bidgely you can identify what customers have an EV, what type of charger they use, when they are charging, and how much electricity they consume - to build hourly EV consumption profiles unique to each customer.
Utilities are able to pinpoint and target the highest-value customers for EV load-shift, effectively enroll customers in EV charging programs and TOU plans, incentivize beneficial charging behaviors and actively manage charging operations.

Identify: EV Detection & Targeting

  • Detect EV with the highest precision, recall, and accuracy
  • Understand hour by hour charging behavior for each EV owner
  • Target the highest value customers for programs

Optimize: EV Recruitment & Onboarding

  • Educate and drive enrollment through existing customer touchpoints
  • Easily capture permissions
  • Streamline vehicle connection
  • Exchange broadcast marketing-based outreach for granular targeting that yields more kWh shift for the same incentive paid out
  • Drive down program costs and increase ROI up to 300% through focused engagement.

Shift: EV TOU Enrollment and Coaching

  • Identify the best-fit candidates for TOU rates targeting and promotion.
  • Help customers choose the right EV rate for them, with Rate Plan Comparisons.
  • Coach customers to maximize TOU value.
  • Demonstrate how customer charging behavior compares to peers.
  • Connect value directly to behavior by keeping cost and carbon footprint in view.

Manage: EV Active Managed Charging

  • Turn-key solution that can be launched rapidly with minimal organizational or IT disruption.
  • Over 25 OEMs are available for data connection with 7 available for active control.
  • Active control through telematics and EVSE chargers.
  • Manage and disperse incentives
  • Leverage EVs for Peak Event mitigation
  • Increase TOU rate performance through automation
  • Fully-integrated, mobile-first web application for easy integration and streamlined user experiences. No app required, but can be integrated into existing apps.

Reward: Customer Incentive

  • Keep the customer engaged and interested through a gamified experience that includes tangible rewards
  • Provide customer’s incentives in accordance with the value they are providing to the grid
  • Incentive disbursement through popular channels like PayPal, Venmo, gift cards

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