EV adoption continues to grow at a steady pace, making the timing of EV charging a critical area of focus for utilities worldwide both for decarbonization efforts and to manage peak circuit loads. To deal with this additional demand, utilities are implementing EV rate plans and incentive programs.

Bidgely’s UtilityAI platform informs EV programs with advanced AI-powered analytics, improving the targeting and adoption of EV-related behavior-based load management and the success of DER controls.

EV Analytics
Define who is charging,
when charging is taking
place and how much
energy is consumed
while charging.

Behavior-based Load
Management and New
Revenue Potential

Engage and influence
prospective and existing
EV owners with
proactive advice on
charging behavior, new
rates and EV-related
products and services.

Decarbonize Faster
By guiding customers
into tailored journeys for
renewables, electric
vehicles, and smart
home appliances.

Grid Edge Optimization
Enable successful DER
recruitment and
controls. Understand
EV load demand in
order to better manage
grid capacity and
future demand.


In order to manage EV loads, utilities are actively trying to understand who is conducting charging and where and when it is taking place. Legacy solutions have lacked individual-level charging specificity that can be easily scaled across all customers. UtilityAI’s Analytics Workbench includes easy-to-execute reporting that reveals:

  • The current adoption patterns and EV load growth in a service territory
  • The frequency of charging sessions and the distribution over time
  • The maximum power draw of the charger at each customer site
  • The grid impacts of EV charging loads at various levels of aggregation (city, substation, feeder)
  • The proportion of off-peak versus on-peak load that can be influenced through EV TOU rates

EV Charging Behavioral
Load Management

Use UtilityAI to craft an engaging customer journey that includes education, incentives to take action to shift load, automation of load management actions and the simplification of the EV program enrollment and participation. UtilityAI allows utilities to:

  • Enroll customers in EV rate plans or other EV load programs when their charger has been detected.
  • Identify customers likely to have purchased an EV to highlight EV charging as part of an itemized monthly bill breakdown that also includes relevant offers.
  • Target customers with L2 charging to enroll in personalized alerts that educate them about opportunities to shift their charging times.

Decarbonization Efforts

Guide customers through the process of adopting Solar, Electric Vehicles (EVs) and energy efficient products. Through AI-powered appliance disaggregation Bidgely:

  • Identifies homes that are not currently using these appliances
  • Identifies customers with higher propensity to take up these appliances
  • Educates customers about these green product offerings paired with relevant energy insights and return on investment

EV Charging Controls

Bidgely has partnered with several DERMS companies to allow utilities to offer a seamless transition from digital communications to equipment enrollment and charging time controls through a smart EV charging program for opt in customers.


A utility serving 300,000 customers on the East Coast of the United States turned to the UtilityAI Analytics Workbench to accurately and efficiently pinpoint the number and location of EVs throughout its territory, determine the size of all EV chargers in use and specify the time every EV owner charges his or her vehicle. These analytics informed a new rate structure and a range of programs for EV owners that streamlined marketing dollars, increased energy efficiency and deepened customer engagement. The findings also provided strategic direction for infrastructure updates to maintain grid integrity.